ownership of lady Turpin

original fee paid secures ownership of the % agreed between syndicate and new owner

If the owner wants out (to sell the share) the syndicate has the right to buy the share based on the fee charged for ownership. It is up to the owner to sell the share before fees are stopped.

if any owner misses 3 month fees the syndicate will notify the owner twice and if the payment isn't forthcoming the share go back into the syndicate free on charge and the syndicate as the right to sell. Bha will be notified about non payment

all prize money after trainer, staff and jockey fees will be paid out the following month based on the percentage owned

all owners will be guaranteed to have an entry ticket into the races whenever Lady Turpin runs at that course

all owners will have the opportunity to see their horse at the yard on agreement with the trainer or trainers staff.

all syndicate horse will run in the colours of  uk racing syndicate

all owners are listed on the owners page. Any written or email clarification that the owner doesn't want to be part of the syndicate any more is final and you have 7 days to contact the  syndicate manager (stuart wood) to go back on leaving the syndicate.

at the end of the season all owner gets a vote on whether to keep the horse in training or to sell with majority winning. If we do sell each member get the percentage of  what is owned.

all above is legally binding as set by stuart wood (syndicate manager uk racing syndicate)